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    At Ohmic, we are committed to powering the development and success of different industries through our end-to-end human resources outsourcing support services. Realizing the extreme significance of employee life cycle management, from recruitment to termination, we are not confined by merely filling positions. Our approach is holistic: Nurturing talent, encouraging development through constant training and developing employee relations with activities that are in line with CSR.

    Since 2022, we have 52+ satisfied clients that attest to our ability of providing effective and employee-focused services. We aim to reduce your hiring cost and time with our services.  We design performance reviews from the start of job description and its Key Performance indicators which helps to evaluate employee’s performance decisions-making periodically. We also customize training needs and its deliverables with full payroll administration assistance.

    Dedicated to consciously and continuously enhancing the employee life cycle, empowering global impact through strategic development initiatives.

    Ohmic envisions revolutionary, cost-centric, improved, and timely human resource solutions, setting new industry standards in excellence.

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    We Deliver Exceptional HR Solutions For Diverse Business Needs


    Human Resources Specialists

    Human Resources Specialists are pivotal in managing and optimizing workforce dynamics. They expertly navigate through various HR functions training and development compliance handling benefits administration. Outsourcing this role ensures access to top-tier expertise for enhanced organizational efficiency and employee satisfaction. Their strategic input is crucial for a productive and harmonious workplace environment.


    Talent Acquisition Specialists

    Talent Acquisition Specialists are the backbone of any organization. They specialize in sourcing and recruiting top talent, utilizing a blend of traditional and innovative methods. Their expertise in candidate screening, interviewing, and onboarding makes sure that your organization is equipped with skilled professionals. This role can be outsourced to streamline recruitment and allow businesses to focus on core operations.

    Elevate, Integrate, Innovate With Our Redefining HR Services

    Our Key Specializations

    Versatile Business Support

    Serving businesses of every scale and across various domains, our HR solutions meet diverse needs. Our adaptability helps companies, regardless of size or industry, receive the highest level of HR expertise.

    Strategic HR-Business Alignment

    We align human resources strategies with your business goals so that every HR initiative supports and betters your core business objectives. This strategic alignment is key to driving organizational success.

    Excellence in HR Processes

    Our team excels in managing critical HR processes with operational excellence. From recruitment to retirement, we handle each aspect with precision with smooth and efficient HR operations.

    Integrated Delivery Monitoring

    We guarantee smooth and integrated delivery of HR services. Our approach involves continuous monitoring and optimization of processes for a cohesive HR management experience.

    Transparent Employee Lifecycle Management

    Transparency is at the core of our services throughout the employee lifecycle. We provide clear insights and regular updates at every stage of employee management.

    Transformative HR Solutions

    We assist in transforming your HR model to maximize value. Our innovative solutions and strategic insights contribute to a significant transformation in your HR practices, driving value and efficiency.

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    Client Testimonials

    Dedicated To The People Who
    Make Your Business

    Training & Placement Officer -TPO

    Ajay Naudiyal

    Ohmic has played a pivotal role in the professional journey of our students. By hiring a significant number of our graduates and providing them with top-notch sales training, they have enabled these young professionals to excel from the very start. Their contribution is highly valued.”

    Human Resources Business Partner -(HRBP)

    Priyanka Hanfode

    Our partnership with Ohmic for outsourcing the hiring and training of quality and sales executives has been a remarkable experience. Their services are not only quick and accessible but also consistently reliable. We are pleased to continue our association with them.




    Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

    What is the typical duration of your HR consulting projects?

    Project duration varies based on scope and complexity. We offer both short-term solutions for immediate needs and long-term partnerships for ongoing HR support.

    How can your services benefit my business?

    Our end-to-end HR services enhance operational efficiency, reduce overhead costs, and streamline your workforce management and allow you to focus on core business growth.

    What is the process to start working with you?

    Getting started is simple. Book a consultation with us to discuss your needs, and we will help you with our HR services to meet your business goals.


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